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Computers & Peripherals
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The Computer & Peripherals Forums include both manufacturer sponsored forums and independent communities. Virtually every computer issue is addressed in these forums.
For clarity, Computer Security and Computer Software have separate directory listings.

When asking a question about computers, be sure to list detailed information about your machine: Make and Model, Processor, Hard Drive, RAM, Operating System and Service pack along with any installed Security Programs. This will help in getting you a quicker response.

Computer Manufacturer Forums
Acer Support Community Ultrabooks, Notebooks, Netbooks, Desktops, Tablets, All-in-ones, Monitors, TV, Smartphones
Apple Discussions Mac Computers, Operating Systems and other Apple Products
Compaq Computers (HP) Computers, Monitors, Printers and other HP products
Dell Support Forums Computers, Monitors, Printers, Peripherals and other Dell Products
Fujitsu Technology Forums PCs, Notebooks, Tablet PCs, Displays, Accessories, Server Products, Handhelds, more
HP Support Forum Computers, Monitors, Printers and other HP products
Lenovo Community Computers, Monitors, Printers, Peripherals
Toshiba Laptop Forums Laptop Computers
Peripheral Manufacturer Forums
Cisco Home Community Linksys Routers and networking
NETGEAR Forums Netgear wired and wireless routers, access points, networking
Asus Support Forums Audio & Graphic Cards, LCD Monitors, more
Creative Labs Forums MP3 Players, Sound Cards, Speakers, Video Cams, Headsets
Logitech Forums Webcams, Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, Universal Remotes and more.
NVIDIA Forums Visual computing technology, GPU, GeForce, Quadro, Tegra, Tesla, nForce
Crucial Community Computer memory, USB Flash Drive, Flash Memory Cards and more
SanDisk Forums Flash storage products for a wide variety of electronic systems and digital devices
Buffalo Tech Forums External Hard Drives, Network Storage, Wireless Connectivity
Seagate Community Forums Hard Drives (Internal and External), Network Storage, Software
Western Digital Community Hard Drives (Internal and External), Network Storage, Media Players
General Independent Forums
Acer Aspire One User Forum For Acer Aspire Only - independent forum
AMD Processor Forums AMD Enthusiasts, overclocking, chipsets, desktop processors, servers processors, mobile processors
AnandTech Forums CPUs, overclocking, memory, storage, power supplies, cases, cooling, networking, software Go to Discussion Forums box and select operating system
ars technica Computer Topics from A to Z
bit-tech Forums For modders, hardware and gaming enthusiasts
Bleeping Computer Operating systems, hardware, software, networking
Computer Forums Computers, Hardware, Networking, Programming, more
CyberTechHelp Operating systems, hardware, software, networking
DSL Reports Forums Broadband ISP forums with help & support for a variety of providers plus security issues
EduGeek Forums For IT Professionals. Windows, Servers, Enterprise software, Licensing, *nix, Mac, Networking, Coding
EggXpert Forums NewEgg® forums discussing computer building, upgrades, repair, software, electronics, tech
Geeks to Go! Operating systems, hardware, software, networking
Hardware Analysis Forums Operating systems, hardware, software, networking
HardwareGeeks Forums A Community For the Sophisticated Geek or Geekette - Everything tech from gadgets to computers
Laptop Computing All brands of laptops and accessories
Linux Everything about Linux OS
Mac Observer Forums Vibrant community discussing the Mac, Apple, AAPL Stock, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, and more
MajorGeeks Forums Software, hardware, malware removal, drivers, overclocking, Mac's, Linux
Notebook Forums All brands of laptops and accessories
Notebook Review Forums All brands of laptops and accessories
PC Hardware Hard Drives, CPUs, Motherboards
PCWorld Forums Troubleshooting, OS help, Hardware, Software, Advice
Tech Support Guy Forums Security, Software, Hardware, Operating Systems, Networking
TechArena Computers, Hardware, Software, Technology
TechRepublic Forums IT pros talking about every tech issue. Ask questions, seek advice, share knowledge
TechSpot OpenBoards Hardware, modifications, storage, networking, mobile computing, gaming, operating systems, device drivers
Tom's Hardware Forums Hardware, CPUs, memory, systems, displays, operating systems, software, IT, networking, mobility
Ubuntu Forums Linux based O/S - general help, hardware & laptops, security, desktops, server platforms, networking
Vintage Computing Older systems, programs and more
W7 Forums Windows 7 general discussions, support, setup, drivers, hardware, crashes, software, customization
WhattheTech? Operating systems, hardware, software, networking
Windows 7 Forums Help for Windows 7 issues along with news and updates
Windows Eight Forums Windows 8 News, Disucssions, Installtion, Setup, Network, Sharing, Hardware, Drivers, more
Windows Secrets Lounge Windows Operating Systems, Office Applications, Networking, Connectivity
Windows Vista/XP Support Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista
Windows XP/Pro, Server, 2000  and NT Windows XP/Pro, Server, 2000 and NT

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